Key collection

The key handover for apartments 1 and 2 will take place in Waldstr. No.33 in Zinnowitz through Ms Albrecht.

For apartment 3, the handover will take place at the Villa Morgentau.
You will only receive the key if you have paid the full price prior.

When you receive the key, you will also be asked to pay for the spa tax for all travelling guests as well as any dogs brought along.

Spa tax

The spa tax for every guest, from the 16th birthday, amounts to 2,50 EUR per day from May to October and 1,50 EUR per day from November to April.

The price for dogs comes to 0,50 EUR per day throughout the entire year.

If one of the guests can prove a severe disability (80%), this guest and one accompanying person do not have to pay any spa tax.


Possible complaints should be communicated immediately by either contacting (+49) 0171 7491443 or our local contact person. Please do not let mistakes or defects ruin your holiday. We will take care of any issues as quickly as possible.